Android Developer
Job Description

We provide a messaging, mobile and web information platform for our users, to help them decide on a smarter choice, using real time relevant data. We are seeking a highly-motivated fast learner to join our team!

Skills and Requirements
You have developed a functional Android application.
You know at least one server side technology.
JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills are required.
Our Stacks

We use all and any tools and technology suitable for the job. Currently we are using NodeJS for bot and API server in Typescript language. We use Neo4J database for bus routing, MongoDB for session and MySQL database for everything else, including geospatial search. Machining learning services are used to predict the taxi fare. We use Java-based open source software for collecting data from GPS devices. Currently we are using an open source Android app, which uses webview UI 🙂 We are planning to go native using Google Map.

Most of our websites are static web pages hosted in Firebase. We use Facebook authentication and our JSON API and Firebase real-time database to obtain the data.

Why should you work with us?

Email your CV to info@doesoh.com. Please make your CV short and simple, but back it up with your app, blog, github, stackoverflow, forum links, etc. No certificate needed.